SIP 1/2in Impact Gun and Sockets

SIP Impact Gun

I’m going to come right out with it; this is easily one of my favourite tools.

Having owned quite a few older cars, I have spent quite a lot of time struggling to remove corroded nuts and bolts.  I’ve also snapped breaker bars whilst trying to remove hub nuts and, on occasion, found bolts fitted in stupid places so that you can’t get any leverage on them.

Having an impact gun solves all these problems.

I’m pretty sure that the one I have is rated to about 300N/m and has so far managed to easily remove any troublesome nut or bolt I’ve used it on.  I think I’ve only ever had one or two that needed a bit of convincing with a blowtorch first.

The battery on it lasts ages, and the tool as a whole has a decent feel.  It’s not heavy but it feels good quality.  The rubberised grip makes it easy to hang on to even if you have oily hands.

I’ve actually had this tool for probably about 10 years now and it still works perfectly, the battery holds it’s charge, the motor/bearings in it still don’t have any play or rattles in them, and it still continues to smash off troublesome nuts!  The sockets are also good too.  They're not really showing any signs of wear other than the scratching of the colours.  The colouring works quite well too as you quickly grab the right sized socket just by knowing the colour.

It’s also great if you’re lazy as it means you don’t have to undo a lot of bolts by hand.  You can just softly hold the trigger down and it gently winds them off.  This can save a LOT of time.

The bottom line is, if you spend a lot of time working in the garage, especially if you have an older vehicle then this is definitely a tool worth investing in.

SIP 1/2 inch Impact Gun and Annodised Impact Sockets

It was £139.99

Good bits:
Undoes everything.  Great quality, battery lasts a long time.

Bad bits:
None so far.

Where to buy?
I think SIP discontinued this item pretty soon after I got one.  I'm told that Sealey now make the exact same item under a different name.  I can't say for sure but it certainly looks the same.  You can get one for just under £120 on Amazon.