Halfords Ratcheting Spanners

Ratcheting Spanners

I originally got given these as a gift and have since got loads of use out of them.  If you’re working in one of those awkward, tight spaces that you can’t get a ratchet onto it can be really tedious having to unto bolts with a spanner.

Ratcheting spanners are the perfect solution and mean you can quickly and easily get the bolt undone, even in a tight space.

I guess I would say that these are one of those tools that you don’t exactly need, but are certainly worth having.  I think I would have originally found it difficult to justify paying the money for them, however after using them for a while I’m not sure I’d want to be without them!

The ratcheting mechanisms in them still feel fresh and don’t have any play in them, even after loads of use.  The Chrome Vanadium they’re made of is also of a good grade and they never really seem to scratch or mark easily.

The only downside (if you can really call it one) is that the size the spanner needs to be to accommodate the ratcheting mechanism means that you can’t always squeeze them into spaces as tight as a non-ratcheting spanner.

Overall, if you’re toying with the idea of getting some then go for it, you won’t regret it.

Halfords Professional 12 Piece Ratchet Spanner Set
At time of publication, £79.99

Good bits:
Great quality, lifetime guarantee, loads of sizes.

Bad bits:
Proof of purchase required to validate life time guarantee (who keeps a receipt for longer than 20mins?)

Where to buy: