Ferm Rotary Combitool

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OK so I spend quite a bit of time in the garage and use quite a lot of tools.  When I’m thinking about buying tools I’m never sure whether or not to buy something decent or just get a budget equivalent to get the job done.

The name “Dremel” has become synonymous with this kind of tool.  Sure there are plenty of cheap alternatives but are they as good?

In a previous job I actually used a Dremel for modifying parts quite a lot and frankly didn’t think it was that great.  In light of that, when I needed a similar tool I wasn’t thinking “But will the cheaper alternatives be as good?”  I was thinking “Surely they can’t be any worse?”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to cast Dremel in a bad light and they wouldn’t have become synonymous with rotary tools if they didn’t make great products, however I thought that in this instance it was worth considering a cheaper alternative.

Instead I bought Ferm’s offering which isn't really a budget offering but it's certainly cheaper than a Dremel.

I have to say that this thing is actually brilliant.  It has a high quality feel to it, the adjustable motor speed control works really well and the cord on it is really long meaning you can use it in all kinds of places without a giant extension lead.

I generally try and use something quite a lot before I review it so that I know whether or not it has any longevity.  I've used this quite a lot now and it still feels good as new.  The bearings/motor haven't developed any rattles and everything works as it should.

If you're thinking of getting a rotary tool then this is definitely worth the £25 odd that it cost me.

Ferm Rotary Combitool

It was £24.99 delivered

Good bits:
Seems to be great quality, comes with loads of bits in it’s own case, dremel replacement parts fit it.

Bad bits:
None so far.  The only thing that's slightly annoying is how quickly it gets through a cutting disc (they last minutes), but this would be the same for any of these tools.

Where to buy?
You can get something similar in most tool shops, I got mine from eBay