Land Rover Unveils Amazing New "Transparent Bonnet" Tech

Land Rovers Transparent Bonnet

Land Rover have announced a pretty cool new technology which allows drivers to “see through” the bonnet to the floor below.

No it’s not a late April fools joke, it’s actually a real thing.

The innovative new technology which Land Rover have wittily dubbed “Transparent Bonnet” uses cameras mounted in the vehicle’s grill combined with a heads up display to create an augmented reality view. This gives the driver the effect of being able to look directly “through” the bonnet, thus revealing any obstacles that need to be navigated around.

No doubt this awesome new technology will be squandered on school mums who will use it to park their Range Rovers badly. But whatever Land Rover do with it, it’s still a pretty radical innovation in the 4x4 sector.

You can see Land Rover’s video demonstrating their Transparent Bonnet technology in the video below: