Honda's New Civic Comes With A Turbocharged VTEC!

New Civic Type R

If you’re a Honda fan-boy, it’s time to get excited as new details of the forthcoming Type-R have just been confirmed.

Even if you’re not that into Hondas, the new Type-R does look pretty interesting. Honda have been in a bit of a grudge match with Renault to see whether the new Civic or the new Megane will set the fastest lap record at the Nurburgring, and this rivalry seems to have fuelled a potentially awesome new hatchback.

Honda say they’ve learned a lot from their WTCC campaigns, as well as lots of track testing at the ‘ring, all of which has helped shape this new car.

Honda have confirmed that the Civic will produce “at least 280 PS” (about 276 HP) from its 2 liter VTEC turbo engine, although the internet is rife with rumours that this figure will be nearer 300 bhp.

Personally I also think the styling is a notable improvement on that of the FN2, and Honda claim that “The styling of the car is heavily linked to performance… many of the styling features offer real performance benefits”.

I actually own an EP3 Type-R as a runaround and have to say it’s a great car, my only problem is that I just don’t love it. Objectively, it’s great in every way, subjectively it just doesn’t do anything for me and I personally really dislike the feel of the electric power steering. The one thing that really stands out about the car is the 200bhp VTEC engine. Having lived with the car for long enough to appreciate how good the engine is, I’ll be pretty interested to drive the new turbocharged version once it’s released.

I think Honda’s VTEC turbo and grudge-match-development could make the new Type-R turn out to be a real gem.

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