Caterham Bikes

Caterhams Carbon E Bike

Caterham breaks into the world of bikes!

We all know Caterham as being famous for producing track focused, stripped back, sports cars. Whilst the mental £50k, 310bhp 620R is probably Caterham's most exciting car at the moment, they've also recently announced some pretty interesting bikes too.

Caterham Brutus 750

At the 71st International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Caterham unveiled 3 new prototypes. These included the “Brutus 750”; a chunky looking 750cc 4-stroke. The “Classic E-Bike”; a 250watt, retro styled “fusion-vehicle”, and the “Carbon E-Bike”; an F1 inspired, futuristic looking, take on the same pedal/electric powered vehicle theme.

Caterhams Classic E Bike

With it’s punchy performance delivered through a “twist and go” throttle, the Brutus 750 is heralded as a design to make fun, easy, performance motorcycling accessible to the masses. The Classic E-Bike has a respectable range of 25-50 miles but can also be pedaled like a conventional bike. It’s a pretty cool blend of modern & traditional materials, featuring contemporary aesthetics clearly inspired by classic motorbike design. Although the Carbon E-Bike shares the same powertrain, the design is the antithesis of it’s classic brother. It’s a showcase of Caterham’s material technologies; a tribute to it’s F1 inspired design.

Caterham expect to launch these three bikes next year with new models to be announced too.

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