More Details: Civic Type R Turbo

More Details: New Civic Type-R

You may have read the previous post about the hotly anticipated new Civic Type-R. Honda have just released more details about what to expect from their forthcoming hot hatch.

Land Rover Unveils Amazing New "Transparent Bonnet" Tech

Land Rover have announced a pretty cool new technology which allows drivers to “see through” the bonnet to the floor below.

New Civic Type R

Honda's New Civic Comes With A Turbocharged VTEC!

If you’re a Honda fan-boy, it’s time to get excited as new details of the forthcoming Type-R have just been confirmed.

Is This Toyota's "New Supra"?

There have been people talking about Toyota bringing back the Supra for almost as long as it’s been out of production. Toyota themselves haven’t had much to say on the matter though.

Audi Quattro LaserLight Concept

Audi's New 700hp Quattro Comes With Frickin' Laser Beams

Audi has used the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to unveil the "Audi Sport Quattro LaserLight".