SIP Thread Restorer Review

SIP Adjustable Thread Restoring Tool

Although I had done quite a few thread restorations in the past, they had mostly been internal thread repairs and I'd somehow never seen one of these tools before.

Ratcheting Spanners

Halfords Ratcheting Spanners

I originally got given these as a gift and have since got loads of use out of them.  If you’re working in one of those awkward, tight spaces that you can’t get a ratchet onto it can be really tedious having to unto bolts with a spanner.

Heights specialists nodded howard symbolic

Ferm Rotary Combitool

OK so I spend quite a bit of time in the garage and use quite a lot of tools.  When I’m thinking about buying tools I’m never sure whether or not to buy something decent or just get a budget equivalent to get the job done.