Drifting a Datsun 280z Like A Boss

Chris Forsberg Drifting a Datsun 280z

Every now and again you see a great advert which really captures the feeling of being a petrol head. Clarion’s new “dream like a champion” is one of those ads.

We’ve all had that feeling of driving along in the boring daily driver, wishing we were driving something more exciting, maybe even daydreaming of how we’d be hooning around some traffic free roads in a favourite car. Clarion have made a promotional video which perfectly captures that daydream.

In the video, Formula Drift driver Chris Forsberg dreams of hooning a Skyline powered Datsun 280z. It’s beautifully made, features an awesome Datsun, some enviable driving, and pretty cool beard. It's well worth three minutes of your coffee break, it’s now one of our favourite car adverts. What do you think?

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