Hakosuka Skyline

"Hakosuka City" is 1:06 of Pure Car Porn

Personally I think the "Hakosuka" Skylines are some of the best looking cars ever made. This simple but beautiful video captures the car perfectly.

Drifting a Datsun 280z Like A Boss

Every now and again you see a great advert which really captures the feeling of being a petrol head. Clarion’s new “dream like a champion” is one of those ads.

Plane Crashes Into Drag Strip

Airplane Crashes Into Drag Strip!

Every so often you see a video on YouTube that just seems truly incredible. This is one of them.

XJ6 Crash Art

Man Crashes XJ6 Into A Wall In The Name Of Art

Launched in the late 60's, the Jaguar XJ6 and it's bigger brother the XJ12 have become classic British icons.

Duke's Axial Engine

What has 5 Cylinders, 0 valves and 3 injectors?

Whilst most people are familiar with more conventional engine configs such as V, inline, boxer, rotary and even radial engines, there are lots of less well know designs such as toroidal, axial and orbital engines with cool names such as "Turbocombustion" and "Quasiturbine".