More Details: Civic Type R Turbo

More Details: New Civic Type-R

You may have read the previous post about the hotly anticipated new Civic Type-R. Honda have just released more details about what to expect from their forthcoming hot hatch.

Hakosuka Skyline

"Hakosuka City" is 1:06 of Pure Car Porn

Personally I think the "Hakosuka" Skylines are some of the best looking cars ever made. This simple but beautiful video captures the car perfectly.

Exige On Track

Taking The Lotus Exige Round Castle Combe

I've wanted to take my Exige on track ever since I got it but, after spectating at a few events and seeing cars get written off I was a little reluctant.

Land Rover Unveils Amazing New "Transparent Bonnet" Tech

Land Rover have announced a pretty cool new technology which allows drivers to “see through” the bonnet to the floor below.

Drifting a Datsun 280z Like A Boss

Every now and again you see a great advert which really captures the feeling of being a petrol head. Clarion’s new “dream like a champion” is one of those ads.